How to Open Multiple Tabs in Visual Studio Code

VS Code allows you to open multiple files at once using multiple tabs. This guide shows you how to use this feature and work on multiple tabs simultaneously within the Visual Studio Code interface.

How to open multiple tabs in VS Code

Since 2016, VS Code has supported opening multiple files in separate tabs by default.

Method #1: Launch new files from the Explorer pane

In the Explorer pane on the left, navigate to the directory where you have multiple projects. Then, double-click each file you want to open. They will automatically be added to a new tab.

Multiple Files
Double-click on the files you want to open in the new tab.

Method #2: Use a shortcut (Mac and Linux only)

  • macOS: Command + Control + W
  • Linux: Meta + Control + W
  • Windows: Not supported

Solutions if multiple tabs are still not opening

Enable opening multiple tabs in VS Code’s settings

  1. From the top-level File menu, select Preferences. From the sub-menu, choose Settings. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + , to quickly open Settings.

    Open the Settings window.

  2. Search “Launch” in the search bar. Next, choose the Workspace tab and click on Edit in settings.json option.

    Launch JSON File
    Search and then open the Launch.JSON file.

  3. Settings.json file will open in a new tab. Click on launch and select workbench.settings.useSplitJSON.

    Workbench Settings
    Open the Workbench Settings.

  4. Add the following code in the editor:
    "workbench.editor.showTabs": true,
    "workbench.editor.enablePreview": true,

    Type the following code in the JSON file.

  5. Save the file by pressing Ctrl + S.

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