How to Split Strings in R

Splitting a string variable breaks it into sub-strings by the given delimiter. For example, splitting “volley-ball” will result in “volley ball”. This guide will explain how to split strings in R.

Splitting Strings in R using strsplit() method

strsplit() method breaks the string variable by a given delimiter.


strsplit(x, split)


  1. x = string that you want to split.
  2. Split = character string or delimiter to use as a split.


The following examples show how to use strstplit() function to split strings with whitespace, a character, and a string itself.

#creating variables
string1 <- "I Love R Programming"
string2 <- "123_456_789"
string3 <- "Asia and North America and Australia"

#splitting strings with whitespace
strsplit(string1, split = " ")

#splitting strings with a character
strsplit(string2, split = "_")

#splitting strings with a string
strsplit(string3, split = "and")


Splitting strings using strsplit() function.

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