How to Install .VSIX Extensions in Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code offers the support of extensions for added functionality, productivity, debugging, and speed. You can install the extensions either from the marketplace or manually through a .vsix file. This article explains how to install .vsix in Visual Studio Code.

What is VSIX?

VSIX stands for Visual Studio Extension. A VSIX file contains one or more Visual Studio extensions. VSIX files contain package descriptions, binaries, and other resources that make up the extension.

Installing VSIX

Follow the steps below to install a .vsix file in VS Code:

  1. Go to and download the extension by clicking the Download Extension button. Here, I am downloading the Prettier extension.

    Go to the marketplace website and choose the extension you want to download.

  2. From the sidebar in VS Code, open the Extensions tab.

    Extensions tab
    Click on the Extensions tab.

  3. Inside the “Extensions” panel, click on the Overflow button with the ellipsis icon and select Install from VSIX.

    Install from VSIX
    Click on the three-dot button in the Extensions panel and choose the Install from VSIX option.

  4. Go to the path where you downloaded the VSIX file. Select the file and click on Install.

    Install VSIX
    Select the downloaded file and click on the Install button.

  5. You’ll be prompted with a successful installation message on the bottom-right corner.

    Successful Installation
    You have successfully installed the VSIX file.

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